What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy Put Simply

I frequently receive phone calls asking me what exactly is Hypnotherapy (or Hypnosis). Although it still amuses me when some people have asked me whether it is, by any chance a form of “Mind Control”. Being a hypnotherapist for several years now, I would like to share the potential of this wonderful tool and its advantages.

In Simple Words, Hypnotherapy can be defined as the use of Hypnosis as a tool to address various Sociological, Psychological and Psycho-Somatic challenges.

For those of you, who may not be aware of this process, the next thought that you most probably may arrive at is…What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a process where every individual’s Subconscious mind is activated in a manner, so as to facilitate the process of programming it to achieve the desired outcome in behaviour, feelings, sensations and perceptions.

Many people have many wrong beliefs about Hypnotherapy; hence I would like to take this opportunity to explain it in my own metaphor…

“Hypnosis is like listening to your favorite music and dozing off…whereas the only difference here is, instead of music, you listen to the therapist’s voice”

That’s as simple as it gets.

Some of the Common Myths About Hypnotherapy

  • Will I get lost or never wake up if something goes wrong?
    There is no way possible where you might get lost during Hypnotherapy and not wake up. Because in the worst case scenario…You Might Doze off to sleep and to the best of my knowledge till date, that definitely is not harmful.
  • Can you control me or my mind?
    Every person’s mind has a defence system that is automatically programmed to take necessary actions to prevent this, in case such an attempt is made, your mind “jolts” you awake! Controlling a person against his or her will isn’t possible.
  • Will I blurt out all my secrets?
    You will “NOT” BLURT OUT YOUR SECRETS during a Hypnotherapy session, as generally most of the sessions are suggestion based. And even if you are asked a question, you “WILL” BE COMPLETELY “IN CONTROL” and AWARE OF WHAT YOU WANT TO TELL your therapist.
  • Will I suffer any complication if I abruptly wake up, during a session?
    You will “NOT” SUFFER any sort of BRAIN DAMAGE or PHYSIOLOGICAL DAMAGE, if you abruptly wake up or open your eyes during the process. You might feel like as if someone has suddenly woken you up from deep sleep, and might take time to energize yourself…that’s about it.

Most common uses of hypnotherapy are:

  • Stop Smoking
  • Weight loss
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Enhance Motivation
  • Boost self esteem and confidence
  • Enhance Concentration
  • Enhance Work productivity
  • Tackle Eating Disorders
  • Fear and Phobia management
  • Pain management
  • Habit Breaks
  • Parenting issues
  • Adolescent guidance
  • And many more.

Hypnotherapy has had variety of uses and has been used by many Hollywood celebrities to quit habits, tackle depression, in behavioural modification etc. to wind up I can say that it can be referred to as a tool that not only is simple in nature, but also natural as there are no medications of chemicals injected to initiate the process