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All About You

It was while riding my bike up a steep hill on a recent holiday that I realized the wonderfully positive turn my life has taken.Weight reduction had also been a steep hill for me, but working with Michael I have transformed my lifestyle and lost a life-changing amount of weight. Better still, it is the first time in my life I haven’t felt like I’m on a diet. I have my eyes firmly fixed on my final goal – and look forward to getting there soon. Thanks, Michael.

Marcia Hageman

Michael, Hi, I was on the road to self distruction. I was lost in my own miserable world of shelf pity and greive using alcohol to sleep.

My issue’s where many. One issue would lead into another issue’s which in time i just closed all issue’s down with alchol. Alcohol took all the pain away dumbed everything and i could sleep. Until the next day where the stress and anixiety and greive would start all over again. The poor body and liver was getting hammered.

My turning point. I was given Michael’s number lets say by an human Angel ( no she is not in heaven, but this lady saved my life) from the moment i rang Michael i knew i had made the right dession.

Michael is a beautiful and caring person that has studied for years to be able to help people like me. Michael is not one of those person’s on TV, no he is better than that. Michael understands the way the brain works and explains it to you in plain easy steps.

I have had 3 session’s with Michael and i am ready to join the world again . Enjoy life sober and look forward to going out and mixing with people again. Instead of holding on to all the hate and greive stress and anixiety. I have not touched any alchol since my first session with Michael. I do not crave it , i sleep unaided and peaceful.

My whole personality has changed back to the beautiful caring person i was. My family are proud of me and i am proud of myself.

Michael is my second living Angel. Thank you Michael, i am back to being my loving funny beautiful self.

Michael treatment is not expensive compared to what you spend on the products you think keep you calm. We think we need these products.. WE are wrong, WE need to be addicton free and Michael can help .

Wake up and smell the roses each morning and enjoy your life like i am doing thank’s to Michael’s Advanced Hypnosis and NLP.

Diane Napoleoni

I noticed a very positive shift in my first session with Michael. I had some big hurdles to conquer and with Michael’s help he has helped me re-discover who I truely am. I walked in not knowing what to expect. Over the 4 sessions I had I experienced some amazing insights and breakthroughs. (Its nothing like television). Michael has a very warm and caring nature and its like you’ve know him a lifetime… Thank you Michael so glad we met. A wonderful thing Hypnosis… Nothing changes until we are ready for change… If your ready do yourself a favour and give Michael a call.

Amanda 'InSync Healing'

I noticed such a difference even after my first session with Michael. My anxiety and negative self talk is under control and I would recommend hypnotherapy to everyone! Changed my life

Mardi 'PipiGirl1'

There is no silver bullet for stopping smoking, I have tried many times and I have tried everything from patches, gum and lozenges to Champix. None have been successful. It has now been over 3 months since I went and saw Michael. The combination of his hypnotherapy session and the coping strategies he gives have been fantastic. It’s been over three months with no cigarettes and the best part is, no gum patches etc etc. Michael comes highly recommended, and I can second that. The flip side is, it has only been 3 months, but it’s great to know that he is there if I need him for ongoing support and I really feel as if I am well on my way to truly being a non-smoker. I feel healthier, I have saved well over $2000 in that time which makes the $600 seem cheap! (Also my health fund paid for most of that). So if you’re ready to quit, do what I did and call Michael!

Bruce Lyne

My husband was a very heavy smoker and after one session with Michael has not touched a cigarette since. I’m so proud of him my hubby and in awe of what Michael can do, would recommend him to anyone!

Jessica Sarah Kelley

I have completed the Weight Loss Programme and found that it has changed my Life Style into a healthy style that I have found to be very easy and it has completed exactly what I needed it to do, so well worth the time and money. On the way to a healthy body and mind

Joan Thompson

I walked away feeling so good about my self and life in general after visiting Michael on my last session. His Knowledge about life and how he helped me was incredible. Initially I visited Michael thinking he would just snap his finger”s and do some type of magic on me. but I quickly learnt that it was not the magic I needed but just to be reminded on how good I was and that I was missing that that positive thought that he quickly helped me to find. Thank you Michael

Mohammed 'MoeJoe32'

I would very highly recommend Michael and Healthy Hypnosis. Whether you have 50 or 5 kg to lose, Michael works with you to get the outcomes you want. He provies an array of tools beyond Hypnosis to assist you and give you the power to achieve your goals. More importantly, these tools will help you in all areas of your life – not just with weight loss or quitting smoking. I left each session feeling empowered and in control but also happy. I was very impressed with the fact that Michael listened to what I had to say and tailored each session not just to me – but to me and how I was feeling that week. Please do yourself a favour and pick up the phone and give him a call. It really will make a huge difference to how you are feeling today.

Jacqui 'JacquiRP'

After each and every session with Michael at Healthy Hypnosis, I felt and continue to feel empowered to achieve my goals both professionally and personally. I highly recommend Healthy Hypnosis to all my family, friend’s, colleges and client’s. Thank you Michael for giving me the tools and belief in achieving my dreams.

Vicky Medina

We would just like to thank Michael for the time he spent with my wife and I. We are now 7 weeks free of cigarettes and haven’t experienced one craving. What an amazing experience you offered us with great professionalism. You have provided us with an opportunity to improve our lifestyle and increase the term of our life so we can spend it with our son. What a magical gift to be able to give people. Thank you again Michael and we will be referring you to all of our friends. Regards, Duncan & Shannon

Duncan & Shannon Vagg

I would Highly recommend Michael and Healthy Hypnosis. My sessions with him have helped me so much in overcoming the challenges I am facing and I feel so much stronger and feel confident in achieving my goals, Michael makes you feel instantly at ease and Luke you’ve known him forever, plus getting to have a smooch with Jet the poodle at the end of a session is always fun

Amanda 'Amandaw1610'

The sessions were very informative, with lots of take home tools to reinforce, relax and stay in control. The hypnosis itself was very relaxing, calming and positive. I felt a huge shift from the first session! Highly effective!

Anna 'Anna.S86'

I was a smoker for a number of years and tried so many things to quit smoking.

A good friend of mine and I were driving and saw a van advertising Hypnotherapy / Quit smoking so i researched it and got in contact with Michael.

Its been a month now and have not had a cigarette since leaving Michael’s office.

The first few days were difficult but not so much because of cravings, it was more the routine that i made for myself.

The initial cost does sound like alot but I am already saving money… well spending it on other things

I recommend anyone wanting to quit smoking to call Michael and have a chat to see if it is for you.

Thank you Michael.

Fiona Chalker

Thanks to Michael, I quit smoking along with my husband in May 2013. The process and power of hypnotherapy is unbelievable. I went from a social smoker to a reformed smoker instantly. I would recommend Hypnotherapy with Michael to anyone. My husband and I are coming up to 3 years cigarette free!

Amy David

Michael’s program helped me quit nearly 3 years ago. No cravings no additional stress, nothing but a better lifestyle. The best part was it was very easy. Thank you!

Mike David

I was considering myself a ‘functioning heavy drinker’, Michael helped me to become sober, confident and re-engage with my family…. his manner is so calming, the experience so enlightening…. I’d go or recommend anyone experiencing ANYTHING unhelpful in their lives to see Michael.

Ashleigh Cartwright

To michael..

Thank you for helping quit cigarettes for good.. as soon as i walked out i knew i was on the road to recovery.. the next day i felt refreshed, and energised.. i have started to live a healthier lifestyle. . I now can go out and have a few drinks and not even think about having a cigarette as before i used to smoke up a storm.. i have started eating well .. boxing and going to the gym..

Daniel Huhu

Hi Michael, It’s been nearly 12 months since Les and I visited you and walked away as non smokers . I am pleased to tell you that we are still smoke free and haven’t been tempted since the day we walked out of your place . We haven’t even been tempted when we are in social or stressful situations . Ive been looking forward to being able say this to you , and thank you Michael for helping us achieve this .


Kim & Les Chadwick

I would highly recommend Michael at Healthy Hypnosis, due to the changes I noticed directly following my first appointment and the positive changes that continued to occur following each consultation.

Due to Michael’s knowledge, skill and guidance I no longer live with the long term anxiety issues that I struggled with daily. I just had to take the first step by making the appointment, turn up and participate. That one simple phone call has changed my life.

Julie Smith

I have finally quit smoking for good. Thankyou Michael.

Paul Sparks

I had struggled to quit smoking many times before. But when i met Michael his enthusiasm, positivity and drive to help people quit was amazing and made me feel so much more confident. If YOU WANT TO QUIT! but have struggled in the past like myself then Michael is the person to get you over the line. Thank you again Michael!!!

Brant Sargeson

I was skeptical before seeing Michael, and several years later I am still smoke free! Thank you and I highly recommend making an appointment to see him!

Loretta I

Completely Liberating!! After 25 years of smoking and having tried all other methods to no avail. This is not only hypnotherapy but essential education for the smoker who seeks a better life. If your prepared to give up your excuses and are serious about quitting then this is for you. A professional service with a life time guarantee. Where else are you going to find that…

Chad Hogan

Best $500 spent havent even wanted to smoke….. of course the thought is there but it passes just as quick as the thought pops into my head! Thanks heaps

Renae Virgo